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Unintentional Teasing P3 END (Levi x Reader) :iconlifeofmyimagination:LifeOfMyImagination 259 33
Mature content
Unintentional Teasing P2 (Levi x Reader) :iconlifeofmyimagination:LifeOfMyImagination 225 32
Unintentional Teasing P1 (Levi x Reader)
Levi watched you, his eyebrows furrowing in a frown as you licked at the dripping sauce of your meal with a small flick of your tongue. Sending heat throbbing through him as he looked away from across the mess hall with a small mutter to himself, his head resting on his hand that covered his mouth with the small blush of lust present on his cheek.
"She doesn't realise what she is doing does she?" Hanji hummed over to Levi as his silvery orbs glared at her.
"What are you on about." He practically hissed at the woman who pushed up her glasses slightly with a grin.
"Humanities strongest soldier, sexually frustrated over a cadet. It's interesting." She giggled at Levi as his glare sharpened into daggers.
"I'm nothing over a damn brat cadet." Levi huffed, standing as he practically kicked back the bench, Hanji's grin only widening.
"Clearly." She glanced down at the large bulge apparent in his tight uniform as he quickly walked away with a hitch in his usually calm breathing as he glanced b
:iconlifeofmyimagination:LifeOfMyImagination 470 58
Secret thoughts (Levi x Reader)
Your (e/c) eyes grazed across your fellow cadets as they ate, laughed and generally talking. While you sat there with your head tilted as it rested on your hand, (h/c) hairs falling around your (s/c) features as you watched the room around you. Seeing the expressions play across each persons faces compared to the emotion in their eyes, your gaze finally falling on your dark haired stoic Lance-Corporal; a ever vacant gaze in his silver eyes.
I wonder what everyone is thinking... Him in particular... Levi Ackerman. You thought with a small sigh, jumping back when his steel bullet of a look met your (e/c) eyes as if sensing your thoughts.
You straightened with a small start under the almost cold gaze, your cheeks heating up as he watched you flustered. Your hands falling into your lap as you finally looked down from those silver eyes that had entranced you since you had entered the Survey Corps. You attempted to look interested in the heated discussion aka argument between Jean an
:iconlifeofmyimagination:LifeOfMyImagination 623 104
Levi x Reader ~Boxers~
“Alright, let's try to have a nice, clean, game of truth or dare this time guys” Armin speaks out between us.
You look at Jean and he gives you a smirk in return.
“Oh I've got something, nice and clean (y/n) would like to get her hands on” Jean speaks out, not leaving your sight.
You stare at him with no emotion. “The fuck, JEAN?!” you finally yell out.
“OH trust me (y/n), this game is going to be UNFORGETTABLE, cause I've got something perfect in store for you”
You freeze in shock for a second. Shit... Jean is known for making up dares that usually end in me getting stuck with horrible chores, you thought to yourself.
Mikasa walks into the room, and sets herself down next to Eren.  
“Let's just get this over with, who's first” She finally speaks, a bored expression upon her face.  
She didn't want to play this game almost as much as you didn't want to play it, but since you're so
:iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 1,447 230
Arizona Iced Tea (LeviXReader) AU
(General warning for language I literally say this every single time y’all should know by now)
“Levi I’m home~” You sang as you pushed open to front door to your house, with your purse on your shoulder, phone and car keys in one hand, and a grocery bag in the other.
“Obviously dipshit,” He replied as you shut the door with your foot, sauntering into the living room.  Levi, who was sitting on the couch with his back to you, tore his eyes away from the book he was reading to drop his head backwards on the edge of the couch.  You giggled slightly as his black bangs hung below his head, mouth open slightly and steely blue eyes wide open.  Quickly you leaned down and pecked his nose before turning around and walking into the kitchen.
You heard Levi scoff from the little amount of attention you gave him before pulling his head upright and looking back down at his book.
“Did you get whatever the hell it was that you needed?” He ca
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 246 33
Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir by megounette Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir :iconmegounette:megounette 726 35 Miraculous Ladybug by Queen-Of-Tacos Miraculous Ladybug :iconqueen-of-tacos:Queen-Of-Tacos 123 13 Miraculous LadyBug by Kodaris Miraculous LadyBug :iconkodaris:Kodaris 197 7 Ladybug by sparks220stars Ladybug :iconsparks220stars:sparks220stars 231 23 Miraculous Ladybug by kazutera Miraculous Ladybug :iconkazutera:kazutera 173 6 Miraculous ladybug collab by IAMeikoD Miraculous ladybug collab :iconiameikod:IAMeikoD 139 5 Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir by LOVEttini Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir :iconlovettini:LOVEttini 703 36 Ladybug by venrin Ladybug :iconvenrin:venrin 411 12 miraculous Ladybug (iPad- proCreate) by Ohnhai miraculous Ladybug (iPad- proCreate) :iconohnhai:Ohnhai 80 1


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